CHI Franciscan Rehabil­i­ta­tion Hospital

Resisting pressure from hospital manage­ment, nurses at CHI Franciscan Rehabil­i­ta­tion Hospital in Tacoma voted on Feb. 21, 2019 to join the Washington State Nurses Associ­a­tion. The nurses had been employed at St. Joseph Medical Center when the hospital’s rehabil­i­ta­tion depart­ment was closed in 2018 and outsourced to CHI.
CHI partnered with Kindred Health­care to build a freestanding inpatient rehabil­i­ta­tion hospital that offers treat­ment for patients recov­ering from stroke, brain injury, trauma, ortho­pedic surgery and other condi­tions.

The nurses wanted to remain WSNA members and an organizing campaign was launched immedi­ately to bring them back into the fold. The nurses fought off an aggres­sive antiu­nion campaign intended to intim­i­date nurses into voting against the union. WSNA won the election with an overwhelming majority.